Monday, August 11, 2008

The Kungfu Suit

During Chinese New Year back in February this year, my sister-in-law bought Tristan a kungfu suit, putting on this suit making him sweat all over before we switched on the air-conditioner, not due to any kungfu action, but was caused by the material of the suit, there was no detail labeling of the material used, as it was bought from the so called flea market, it looks like cotton but wasn't good in absorbing sweat.

This video clip was taken during the Chinese New Year, which was the only time he gets to wear the suit :

I had to keep this suit in the closet since then. Quite a waste as Tristan has outgrown it now.

Although he hasn't performed any action in this video clip, he did imitate one of his VCD's karate kick whenever we played that VCD sometime back, it was real fun looking at his action. Seems like most boys love the kungfu action, unfortunately I don't have a girl to prove this or otherwise.