Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tristan is sick

Tristan has been having running nose and coughing for a week now, his voice changed due to the cough, and as usual, cried at midnight when his nose was blocked. We then brought him to the doctor last Saturday. Tristan used to fight for his way out when we brought him to doctor's, so we were really nervous and brought along his toy stetoscope and educated him that the doctor has a real stetoscope which would be a black color one and the doctor will place it on his chest, back etc to examine him.

We were very lucky this time to have gone to another doctor who really know how to deal with small children.

The doctor gave Tristan another toy stetoscope as we left ours in the car, she has several toys for Tristan to play with, Tristan really like the toy she has and played happily for a while. She also demonstrated to Tristan how to eat sweets as she's prescribing an herbs in tablets form where one should keep it in the mouth instead of chewing it, the whole process last for about 20 minutes and we were so relief to have Tristan's cooperation.

This morning, Tristan still rememeber the doctor, said he wants to eat the sweets (herbs) that Aunty Tay gave and the way he eats the sweet is exactly like the way Doctor Tay has demonstrated. No wonder the queue in this doctor's clinic is so long, we had to wait for more than 3 hours to get our turn, but we are sure to go back in future as Tristan will be much more cooperative there than the one we used to visit.

Now I am hoping to be able to find a hair dresser who knows how to handle young children as Dr.Tay, then we will have one less headache as Tristan's hair grow really fast ...