Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peanut and Winter

After Tristan was born, I hardly have time for my dogs anymore ...

I used to play with them, took bath for them weekly for a period of time, trim their nails and clean their ears. Also, me and hubby used to read newspaper outside the house at night time to accompany them, and they used to be allowed to come in to the house at a restricted corner during hot days, as my mother-in-law does not like dog to move around inside the house. But after Tristan was born, we had to ban them from coming into the house due to their hair, and occasional ticks.

Here are a few photos of them taken back in October :

Winter, a German Shepherd, at 3 years 11 months (in October).

Peanut, a Golden Retriever, at 3 years 5 months (in October) :

Not long ago I was surprised to know that my nephew and niece in the States who visited us in June 2007 still remember these 2 dogs, my niece's favourite is Peanut, and her brother's favourite is Winter. Now they are having a 3 months old new brother, wonder which one would be his favourite in future.

Both of them loves to play and fight with each other, it is hard to separate them especially for Peanut, Winter is like his big brother, when we had to bring Winter to the vets, Peanut will keep crying, thinking that he won't be able to see Winter again.

We put them together in the same cage when we have visitors, Peanut is the favourite of most visitors, he is more elegant, but Winter is smarter, I wonder which one is your favourite ? ;o)