Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tristan's Second Birthday

Although I don't have much time to write about Tristan, I do hope I can make short notes about his progress and growth, I am sure I would enjoy these records at my old age :-)

I still have to work fulltime to support my parents, with the limited amount of time that I can play with him, he is quite a fast learner, picked up things that we have mentioned once and can use it at a later time out of our surprise, eg. he said "oh my god" last night when the milk spilled onto his face by accident.

By now he already can recognize A-Z and a-z, numbers 1-20, more than 10 shapes including trapezoid, more than 10 colors, but there are certain things that he's having hard time picking up, such as the spelling of "octopus", "elephant" etc, and if you ask him "what's your name ?", he will said "name." LoL

Here's the link to his first birthday if you would like to see how he looked one year ago :-)