Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Good News

I am 10 weeks pregnant now. It's really a good news to us, we have been waiting for this for a year now. But on the other hand, I am suffering from the morning sickness, it's worse than my previous pregnancy, and every minutes seems to be so long as most of the time I feel as if I would throw up any time, I am counting the days every day now.

I did some reading and learned that lemon can ease the morning sickness for some women, so I started trying it yesterday and it seems to help a little. I have to be careful not to eat/drink too much in every meal, this has caused me to feel hungry every 2 hours or so, and since I have to start work at 7am these days, I have been eating 8 small meals per day now, and I have ran out of idea what to eat for each meal everyday because some food has become irritative to my stomach so I don't feel like taking them at all !!! I had to stay away from greasy, spicy and fried food to avoid trigerring the bad feelings or the vomit eventually.

Due to this morning sickness which last towards the end of the day, I had to stop my yoga class, I hope to be able to continue doing it in the second trimester, there's no pregnancy yoga class here but my teacher knows what pose to avoid so I feel pretty comfortable to go back after the morning sickness goes away.

There's another issue accompanying this pregnancy, ie. I have a corpus luteum in my uterus that has the diameter of 3cm now, if it grows to 5cm than I'll need to have it removed after 3 months of the pregnancy, otherwise it will be removed when the baby is delivered. There is a hope to this, I read it from a doctor's site, she mentioned that usually the corpus luteum will resolve over a period of time without any special treatment. Life is full of uncertainties, I can only take one step at a time now, but at least I am more prepared this time around, I know what to expect so I am more at peace now compared to my first pregnancy.