Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Birthday

Tristan turned 1 year old 2 weeks ago. It feels like he was just born not long ago ... 2 friends asked me sometime ago if my life took on a new meaning, I didn't realize that until recently. I guess it's because we have more interaction now, as he can understand me more & express himself better now.

He now has 3 front teeth, 2 at the bottom & one on top. He doesn't know how to walk without support yet and doesn't talk our language, he will say "papa" or "mom mom" but it has no meaning to him yet. He would imitate some of the words we speak, mostly not accurate, but he can imitate "burp" quite well, surprisingly.

He knows that "no" means he can't put the thing onto his mouth, he'll look at me first and if I didn't say no, there goes the thing to his mouth.

That night, we let him taste a tiny bit of this cake without the chocolate, as we don't want him to develop sweet tooth.

He received 3 birthday gift, a Nike sandal from hubby's friend Lai Jing, an alphabet learning school bus from his aunt, and a red envelope from his grandparent. His dad bought him an education plan, and me, only the Secret Recipe cake. BUT, I got him a car seat, a potty, some handkerchiefs, a pair of shoes, 3 pajamas, a growth chart, a xylophone, and a wooden puzzle from last week's shopping, I just love to shop for his stuff LoL


Kathy said...

Hi Bee,

I love all those details. It is so lively. Wish I could hold him, just too far away :-). A late birthay wish to Tristan.

Keep up, love to see more detailed reports.


Kathy said...

BTW, do you believe that the sweet tooth is developed? I think it is natually born with :-).

kuanhoong said...

Seems like everything is bigger than him - the present, the cake :-)

JennyHow said...

hehe, babies at this stage are the cutest. Happy Belated Birthday, Tristan!

Shantanu said...

He's so sweet! Hope he had fun on his birthday.

Emila Yusof said...

Adorable Tristan! Happy belated birthday, Tristan! *hugs*

J@n!ce said...

Tristan is so ADORABLE.


The cake looks really yummy ;)

Tat Oon said...

He is so adorable...I love the baby fat on his cheeks. Looks more like his dad? Which part of him looks like you? Have you noticed any behaviour that he's copying you? Watch out not to allow him to inherit your bad traits...

Your last para shows you felt guilty for not giving any presents for his 1st birthday, rite? That's why the long list of stuff you bought for him one week earlier. Does it help to make you feel less guilty? Shld hv just kept one from your shopping to give out on his birthday itself.

BeeLee said...

Dear Kathy :
So glad to see your comment here :) May be I'll bring him to visit you some day in the future :) Sweet is a taste that's easily adapted & become addicted to, so the later he falls in love with it the better ;o)

Hey KuanHoong :
Haha .. He's only 10.3 kg now. But it could be due to the present & cake were closer to the camera :)

Thanks nini :

Hi Shantanu :
Thanks for the comment :) He looked happy that night :)

Hi Emila :
Thanks for everything :)

Hey Janice :
Thanks for the comment & b'day wish :) So you are a cake lover as well ?

Wei Tat-Oon :
Where have you been all this time ?? Thanks for the compliment :) Yup, he looks like daddy, only the long eye lash look like me LoL

Hey what do you mean by my bad traits, I have none ok ;o) Just kidding, I do have many :)

Shopping trip was 1 week after his b'day, & it wasn't guilt ok, normally I would buy many things for him in my KL trip, I can show you my credit card statement ;o)

J@n!ce said...

Hi Bee Lee,
yes I love cake.... esp CHOCO cakes....mouthwatering... :)~~~
The cake you bought for Tristan seems BIG... how many kg was that? :)

BeeLee said...

Errr ... not sure leh Janice, I just went to the Secret Recipe counter and get their standard size cake on display, you know, those that you can choose just one slice from their counter ?