Monday, July 23, 2007

National Air & Space Museum

A museum in Washington D.C. & the only museum that we have visited there. It has the largest collection of aircraft & spacecraft in the world. It is also a research center for planetary science, history, science & technology of aviation & spaceflight, etc.

Almost all space and aircraft on display are originals or backup crafts to the originals.

We were given only a half hour here, including getting a bio break :( (Remember I mentioned in my Washinton D.C. post that we were following a tour ?)

So what we did there were basically taking some pictures, & make sure we go around the whole museum in half hour's time.

Lesson learn from this trip, never follow a tour if you can. It was not fun at all, & was quite wasteful since we don't get enough time to explore what we like.

If I have a chance, would like to visit this place again, since there are other museums here that we didn't get to go at that time, back in 2003.


kuanhoong said...

Hmm you love to visit museums? Quite a number of blog posts related to museums :P

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Bee Lee! I am reading this post with my son! He is enjoying your aircrafts pictures! My son says hello to you!

38kia said...

wow, it looks huge.

kayatan said...

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a young girl. I love anything that flies :)
I think because of my unfulfil dream, my son has the biggest collection of airplane :).
A few months ago, he said he wanted to be an astronaut, I was so thrilled then lately he said he wanted to be a biker jump :), sigh :)
When we visit the Kenny center this year (don't know when yet but I want to make a trip there this year), I will send you some of the photos. U can write a post about it :).

JennyHow said...

wonder how many museums in usa?

BeeLee said...

Hello KuanHoong :
Yes, I like to visit museums :)

Hi Emila :
Glad that your son enjoyed the pictures :) I remember him as a bright & active boy with artistic mind, please say hello to him for me too :)

Hey Jerry :
Yeah, it needs to accommodate all those large aircrafts & spacecrafts.

Haha, Jamy, your son is so cute ! And thanks for such a nice offer, I think it will be more interesting to invite you as my guest blogger instead of me writing the post :)

Hi Jenny :
I don't have the exact amount but it's over a thousand of them !!!

Shantanu said...

Hmmm, looks interesting. While in DC, I have only been able to cover the Smithsonian so far.

BeeLee said...

Hello Shantanu :
I didn't get to go to the Smithsonian , only saw a program about it in Discovery Channel sometime ago.

JennyHow said...

a thousand of museum in USA. wow! that's a great number man! u mean they have one dedicated for particular items like glass, aircraft, what else? sand, plastic, steel, robots...

BeeLee said...

Hi Jenny :
Some museums are dedicated for specific item or field. You can check out this list List of Museums in USA

Jo said...

wow! lovely post about aircraft museum!thanks for sharing :)
one of my fren used to be aircraft designer,but lately resigned..sigh..
bcome aumotive designer.
u may visit his blog too..

BeeLee said...

Hello Jo :
Nice to see you here :) Thanks for the comment :) Everyone quit their job for a reason, I'm sure your friend has made a difficult decision, will visit his page when I get a chance :)

Kathy said...

I went in 1985 during my very first US visit, your post reminds me my trip. - kathy.

BeeLee said...

Hey Kathy :
That was 22 years ago !!! Do the aircrafts/spacecrafts look the same when you visited this place ?

JennyHow said...

stumbled upon this list and it reminds me of your museum post:

total 1034 of museums in USA (if i'm not mistaken, they are in USA)

BeeLee said...

Yeah Jenny, looks like all museums are from USA, thanks for sharing the link :)