Thursday, July 26, 2007

My first eBay adventure

I have been reading Jenny's blog with information on eBay for the past 3 months, I think I'm her last reader to register for an eBay account, (just end of last month). So then last week, I finally started selling my first 2 items from my closet, you would have guess what they are :)

But no they are not mini skirts !! They are a pair of jeans & a blouse.

Immediately 2 person asked for the type of jeans cos I forgot to mention the model, provided feedback to them but they just watch it & not bidding :(

Then few days ago someone put a bid on the blouse, I was sooooooooo excited that day. But the excitement subsided as it stayed quiet after that, now I'm waiting for the bid to end and hopefully it's a genuine buyer :) What's your first item sold or bought in eBay (if you still remember) ?


JennyHow said...

very good. bids do come in more during ending time, bcos everybody wants the lowest price ;)

But hey, you learnt something right, to provide more information on your auctions.

maybe those guys are watching and spying on it until the last minute. you won't know.

kuanhoong said...

Good to know that you are taking the first step after learning so much from the sifu.

Good luck on your blouse :-)

Bee said...

no you are not the last, I don't have an ebay account. I'm thinking to sell my wedding gowns despite the fact that in France people keep it for their whole life. Hope you make your first sale in no time!

38kia said...

i havent got my first step till now.. dunno what to sell also.. :(

jamy said...

I tried my hand on ebay a few years back. Sold most of the things I brought from Malaysia.
Didnot earn that much.
But, I think it would be different if I consistently read Jenny's blog.
I probably will give it a try once I finish my studies next spring. I will ask my sifu Jenny. I hope she will reply my 'loso' emails :).

jamy said...

Bee, thank you banyak banyak, I only see you advertise for me. Aiya, u very nice girl one, will always remember you when I get good "kantau", ok :):):).
U collect postcard or not ?
If you do, I can send you a few on the trip I went. Let me know yr add. via my gmail account. :)
Once I get it, I will send to you next week :).
Thank you banyak banyak !

BeeLee said...

Thanks Jenny & KuanHoong :) We'll know the outcome by next week :)

Hello Bee Ean :
Selling wedding gown ? No hurry then because you don't want to regret later on :)

Hey Jerry :
You should have some clothes that you don't wear anymore right, should start with those to gain experience & earn score (positive feedback) before you found what to sell in long term :)

Hello Jamy :
You would be successful in eBay because you put so much focus on what you are doing :)

I used to collect stamps in my primary school time, but haven't been able to collect anything else because I have been living like a gypsy in my whole life, the longest I stay in the same address was 6 years the most, ie. 1-6 years old, and another time 7-12 years old. No need to be so "ke(4) qi(4)" (Mandarin) lah, it's a good thing to share with others :)

Anonymous said...

you made me want to try. i used to buy lot clothes and never ware them at all. i have a lot in the closet with price tag on them. keep us post for how it goes, i may give it a try. - kathy

BeeLee said...

Hi Kathy :
You should give it a try, I think your clothes should sell well because they are still with price tag on !!! I'll write short post on my progress from time to time :)