Friday, July 6, 2007

8 Random Facts ?

I was tagged by Shantanu to tell people 8 random facts about myself.

It took me a while to come out with this list (which I hope won't bore you to death) :

1. I love Dark Chocolate, Desert, Coffee & Beer.
2. I cried really hard after I was forced to get my long hair cut at 8 years old.
3. I went into a shock during one of my blood withdrawal, which I thought I was going to die.
4. I used to work in United States for 4 years.
5. I slapped a classmate at Standard 6 & felt sorry until now.
6. I hate to go for an interview.
7. I have an adorable 1-year old baby boy now.
8. I had been addicted to blogging since I started, but had to cut back recently due to lack of sleep ;o)

It took me ages to come out with the following list :

Jenny's Ebay Chronicle
Jerry's Lab
KuanHoong's dot com
Jamy's Kopitiam
Dede's Diary
Emila's Illustration
Alex's Selfhelp Spot
Cool Insider's Cool Insights

Ladies & Gentlemen in the above list, would you like to share your 8 random facts about yourself with us ? If you do, don't forget to tag another 8 person to do the same thing ya :)


kuanhoong said...

OMG, another tag!!!

Haha, Will do it when I have the time :-)

JennyHow said...

oh, so many tags, i'm in tag debt now...

JennyHow said...

Bee! i can't believe you slapped your classmate when you are that young.

Knowing you for so many years, i can't imagine you like that!! :D

Shantanu said...

Hey, that was interesting! Thanks for doing the tag. :)

JerryLee said...

wowowow.. thanks for the tag !!

so happy, thanks BL. :)

Cool Insider said...

Hey thanks for the tag... errmmm at least this one isn't that challenging like some of the others I did in the past. I will try my utmost to deliver it soon. He he....

BeeLee said...

Hey KuangHoong :
I know you can do it ;o)

Hello nini :
Yeah, it seemed like a dream to me but it was real.

Hello Shantanu :
Thanks :)

Hello Jerry :
You are welcomed :) Waiting for your 8 random facts meme ;o)

Hello Cool Insider :
Glad that you don't mind the non-challenging meme :) Looking forward to see your version soon :)

Emila Yusof said...

Bee lee, I've done the tag! Come see!

kuanhoong said...

OK I have completed this tag. :-)