Saturday, July 14, 2007

Corning Museum of Glass

The museum is located in Corning, New York. It's a place that allows you to explore every facet of glasses. It's also home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of glass where it has more than 45,000 glass objects, spanning 3,500 years of glass making history !!!

The galleries contain objects representing every country and historical period in which glass making has been practiced. Can you imagine this ? It started off with only 2,000 objects & two staff members !!!

This is a portrait of a man blowing glass :

It has a library with the mission to acquire everything published on the subject of glass, in every format and language. There are more than 300,000 items that includes publications in more than 40 languages.

One of the product made of glass :

It also has a Studio that offers beginning to advanced glassblowing and cold working classes that are held throughout the year. The Studio also provides a half-hour Make Your Own Glass workshops for Museum visitors, as well as group glassmaking experiences. Both include activities appropriate for children as young as three-years-old !

A creative-looking chair :

The museum was founded in 1950 by the Corning Glass Works (now Corning Incorporated), and continue to exist as a non-profit institution that preserves and expands the world's understanding of glass.

A tower sculpture that consists of 600 glass bowls :

Below are a few more objects made of glass :

And finally, if you don't have time to join the workshop, you can simply experience the demonstration of their Hot Glass Show :)


kuanhoong said...

Very cool museum.
Love those chess pieces

Anonymous said...

ya, i love those chess pieces. very creative.

38kia said...

zzz how come show me as anonymous one ?! Dear bee, your blog begins to act 38 edi..

J@n!ce said...

Really envy you lah, still can travel..... :)

The museum looks so classy with those glass.

JennyHow said...

nice museum. didn't know they can build a museum for glass itself.

maybe jerry is 38, click on anonymous, somemore say your blog is 38 :p He's trying to spread all the 38ness around la, dont blame him :p

The Bimbo said...

Very beautiful art pieces really. :) Thanks for introducing them ;)

BeeLee said...

Hello KuanHoong :
Yup, it looks very impressive :)

Hey Jerry :
Did you accidentally chose the "Anonymous" button ? Probably not huh ...

Hi Janice :
Great to see you here again :) Actually I haven't been traveling far since Tristan was born, this trip was done in year 2003.

Hi Jenny :
Yup, there are many great products in there that we didn't manage to capture.

Hello bobo :
Thanks for visiting :) Glad to know you like the art pieces :)

Theresa said...

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