Tuesday, July 17, 2007

KuanHoong dot com

In KuanHoong dot com, you can find many
"WHAT IS" the new technologies, gadgets & online tools, &
"HOW TO" tips including how to use many different online tools, how to make money online, how to improve blog traffic, and many other tips in blogging and make money online, etc.

I came across KuanHoong's name in JennyHow dot com, and noticed that his comment were sharp & funny at times. So after a while I started to visit his blog, I found that he offers many useful tools & tips to help people in making money online, I learn a great deal from reading his blog.

Although I only know him through reading his post, I have an impression that KuanHoong is an interesting person who know how to have fun (the segway ride), enjoy life (spend USD10 for a watermelon), release stress (singing) & appreciate the beauty in life (a flower lover), besides being a very good technology blogger.

If you would like to find out more about making money online or at home, here are the top 5 posts that you shouldn't miss :
5 simple steps to drive traffics to your blog from Twitter
Tips for Make Money Online with Google AdSense Part 2
3 simple ways to drive more traffics from Flickr
Submit your site to get traffics and make money online
Make Money Online with AuctionAds

Personally I like most of his non-technology related posts :
Are you a flower lover?
One watermelon for USD10
Weekend at Nagoya, Japan
The Histchhiker guide to Nagoya, Japan
Tanabata Festival

Right now, KuanHoong is offering a USD100 contest for reviewing his blog, the duration is 3rd July - 2nd August 2007. It's only another 2 weeks+ left, do check out the Rules of Review here, hurry up :-)


JennyHow said...

i have to agree with you the non-technology post are interesting.

kuanhoong said...

Hi Bee Lee,
Thanks for the nice review.
Stay tune for the result :-)
Good Luck!

kayatan said...

Hi, Bee, I have done my meme, go check it out :)-. Hope u like it :)-

JerryLee said...

Wahh bee, nice review. =)

BeeLee said...

Morning Jenny :
And his technology posts are so easy to digest, for beginner like me :)

Thanks KuanHoong ! Looking forward to your announcement :)

Hello Jamy, thanks a lot :) Apologize for the delay on completing your face behind the blog meme, I will get it done by next week :)

Hey Jerry, thanks for the nice compliment woh ;o)