Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Washington D.C.

It was in 2003 when we visited this place, and it was drizzling so we only took a few pictures ...
Washington D.C. is the capital city of USA. "D.C." stands for District of Columbia. (The city is named after George Washington).

The U.S. Capital.

There are many memorials, monuments & museums in D.C, but we were given very limited time for each site because we were following a tour, we did't get the chance to visit the White House too :(

Lincoln Memorial.

Jefferson Memorial.

It was raining & the sky was so dark, this was our best shot ... & the one we took for Washington Monument was very blurry, too bad, can't share it here ... To sum up, this trip was merely looking at what's out there that the tour guide brought us to & took some pictures for memory, it felt like taking instant noodle :(


JennyHow said...

hmmm, the weather is solemn and cold like inside the museum.

Emila Yusof said...

Nice photos, Bee Lee! I have yet to do the 8 random fact. I've done it twice and have to think of other facts, lol!

kuanhoong said...

Nice photos. Love it :-)

Alex Yeo said...

Hi Bee Lee,

Thanks for your last comment. Well, I have been busy recently and I don't think I can continue on my personal development anymore. I wanted to concentrate more on my internet business.

But I will continue to read your blog! You and Jenny are addicted to blogging! Haha. :D

BeeLee said...

Hey Jenny :
It rained too ... wet & gloomy, but I was happy :)

Hi Emila :
Thanks :) & no worries, take your own sweet time :) In fact, you may just share your previous 2 posts with me if you are lazy to do the new one :)

Hi KuanHoong :
Thanks :) But your hydrangea series is excellent ;o)

Hello Alex :
Glad to know that you have new direction now although I would certainly miss your personal development guide :) All the best to your new adventure, and do drop by whenever you have a chance :)