Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Favourite Vacation

Mar 14th, we left home in the morning, driving north towards Sungai Petani, where my parents live. We stopped at Damansara for lunch, in Pappa Kopitiam, I had to skip their famous dishes as Tristan's favourite is "fried rice", but he can only finish 1/3 or less so most of the time when we eat out I would order fried rice and share with him, however I managed to try their steam kaya bread which is really tasty and not too sweet, I heard from my brother-in-law that this Pappa Kopitiam has several other shops at other location too, I wish there is one in our town (Batu Pahat) as I really like steam bread for breakfast.

After lunch we continued to head north for another 4 hours to Sg. Petani, reached at around 6.30pm. Home is always the best place for me to get away from stress, I get to see almost all my siblings, nieces and nephews as it's school holiday. We had fun chating, catching up with all the gossips, went for swim in a big group, eating at the delicious Tom Yam Soup/Fried Rice kopitiam, Tristan gradually adapted to the new environment and all the big brothers/sisters/uncles/aunties/grandpa/grandma.

I still remember the last time I brought Tristan to visit my parents in June 2008, he was very uncomfortable with the new environment and always ask me to stay in the bedroom to play with him, this time he's willing to go out and explore the next house where my elder sister lives, and he's more willing to share toys with his cousin who's 3 months older than him, I was so glad to see his improvement.

After 5 days of fun time, we left Sg. Petani on Thursday morning, and drive South to Damansara to stay for 2 days. We went to The Curve to get a Foam Mat for my friend, and just realized that Early Learning Centre has changed to Think Toys, they were having promotion, so we got a Quarry Set for Tristan as he's crazy for Crane now and the quarry set comes with a crane.

We also went to 1-Utama to shop on the second day as that's our favourite shopping place, we spent some money in ToysRus, mainly the Thomas and Friends' trains & toys, Tristan never have enough of them and keep asking for those that's not so popular such as Neville, Rusty and Salty.

There, in 1-U we found a new restaurant called "The Gardens" and we had dinner there, it's quite a nice restaurant, the decoraion looks like a garden, and the dishes were quite delicious, especially the Chicken Chop, we also love its drink - the "Longan Blast" and its sorbet were specially presented in their respective fruit shell/skin, the orange is the best among the 3 that we ordered, the coconut look good but has one kind of taste. As usual, Tristan had fried rice and I was sharing with him, after we come back and he had the 3 subsequent vomits then only I realized that it could be related to the amount of fried rice he had taken during this trip, luckily he's fine now, but we need to control his fried rice intake in future.

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