Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It's the forth most popular city in Switzerland after Zürich, Geneva and Basel. Bern was named after a bear which was killed by the city's founder Duke Berthold V, in 1191.

(For some reason, after my Grindelwald's post, I forgot about my other trips in Switzerland and moved on to Italy, I guess I was just too tired LoL)

We made a stop in this city before visiting Grindelwald.
The clock on the floor is a reflection from a clock in a shop that sells watches.

We didn't have any plan in this city, so after checked in to the hotel, we took a walk around the city before dark.

It's a very pieceful & quiet town.

Houses that built on the slope, not exactly like the one in San Francisco.

Weather is chilly, there was ice on the river.

The Münster of Berne, a cathedral that you can climb up its tower for a small fee and stand right next to the bells when they ring at noon & 6pm :

The Federal Palace of Switzerland, looks a little similar to the Victoria's Parliament Building :

Next morning, ready to leave, took a picture of the clean, quiet & empty street.

On the left is the hotel we stayed, a little old, looked clean but smell smoke.

Zytglogge, a medieval Clock Tower, which according to wiki, aided Einstein to work out his theory of relativity :

Saw a BMW 5 Series on the way to the train station, back in Mar 2004 :

Then the first time I saw the Smart for 2 :

Waiting in the train to Grindelwald, the train was excellent, clean, spacious, comfortable, fast.


kuanhoong said...

Love the clock reflection on the floor :-)

BeeLee said...

Hello KuanHoong, I like the clock's relection too :) Also, thanks for the correct spelling :)

Shantanu said...

I am finally back from my vacation at Grindelwald and London. I could have stayed in Grindelwald forever. We passed through Bern but didn't stop. This time we had made up our mind to stay put at a single place and let time pass by slowly. :-)

BeeLee said...

Hello Shantanu, seems like you really like Grindelwald, looking forward to your post about it :)