Thursday, September 20, 2007

My little corner

Jenny has showed her home office today and since she's interested to see mine, I finally has the motivation to clean up and share some pictures with you here. Welcome to my little messy corner ;o)

I think I don't have to elaborate anything, you can see everything here. It's still quite messy though :

The 5x5 book rack is full of junks, I have a bad habit to keep everything, so this is what it ended up with (you may say what a waste) :

A sofa bed that I can take a short nap at tired weekend when Tristan sleeps :

This small space used to be a living room for the second floor, we partitioned it to make a home office since it was hardly used and we have not enough room to convert to an office :

We relocated Tristan's electric cradle here from downstairs when my sister-in-law visited us back in June - August and has stayed here since then. And the mess on the floor was created by Tristan.

So this is my home office, very basic and simple but comfortable work place :)


JennyHow said...

hehe, hey, it's not little corner leh, alot of space, much better than mine...

Bee Ean said...

nice! It must be so nice to be able to work from home. My husband worked from home the last 3 days and he has been taken cared of all the cookings. :-)

BeeLee said...

Hey Jenny, it doesn't matter the size, you can work professionally with your smaller space, that matters :)

Haha Bee Ean, it's very nice to work from home, but I have limited free time as we have an internal chat tool that managers or other coworkers could be constantly checking others' status ;o)

Webworm said... tidy !

Is this after some level of clean-up ?

BeeLee said...

Hello WebWorm : Yeah, it went through "some level" of cleaning, which is equivalent to 20 minutes' time ;o)