Friday, December 7, 2007

The Crucial Conversation training trip

Went to Singapore for a 2-day training last week, it was called Crucial Conversation, highly recommended by my boss. It's a very useful tool for both work and personal life, it teaches us how to get ourselves prepared for or handle a high stake situation, avoid getting emotional and forgot about what we wanted to achieve, which may have lead to sour relationship, or felt sorry later at what we have done or said to the other party.

Our training was organized in the Swissotel Merchant. On the first evening after the training, me and 2 other colleages went to the opposite mall called Central to have dinner, the restaurant is called Pasta de Waraku, this is the first time I tried out the Japanese Pasta, to my surprise, it was very tasty. We also ordered pizza there, a super thin pizza with egg plant and sausage, so tasty that I'm still thinking of it right now :-)

After training, one of my colleage need to get a birthday present for a friend, so we went to Orchard Road, it is so well decorated this year, with the theme of "Ocean", the lights chosen are in blue and purple, very elegant and romantic, the thing is, I forgot to bring my camera with me in this trip .... too bad, can't share with you all here, but, you can always pay Singapore a visit, you will never regret the trip, but the only problem is to get a taxi out of Orchard Road during the peak hour.

This time I stayed in Swissotel The Stamford, next to City Hall, a place with lots of shopping to do and plenty of food to eat. It is so crowded even during a work night, we had to queue up in one of the restaurant to get food. The hotel has a drinking place called City Space at level 70, where there's a life singer and a glass view of the city. It was a great trip and I would like to do it again in future.


Shantanu said...

I read Crucial Conversations some time ago. It's a great book and now very popular. Our company put a lot of employees thru that training too.

BeeLee said...

Hello Shantanu,
Glad to see you and thanks for the comment :-) It's a powerful tool if we could master and apply it in our daily activities.