Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh my god, it's almost one and a half year now !!!

Tristan is approaching 16 months now ... He just had his 9th teeth, which is taking its own sweet time to grow.

Tristan doesn't like reading or listen to story I read to him from the book (I guess I'm a real bad story teller), he would just point and read the animals that he could recognized and then lost interest to the book real quick.

He can now call everyone in the house, nai(3) nai(1) - means grandma, ye(2) ye(3) - grandpa, auntie, kakak (elder sister - our maid), daddy and "me" (mommy). He can even called the man who delivered grocery to our house "uncle" without instructed by us, which gave us a surprise.

He loves reading cards, he can identify most of the shapes in the cards - star, moon, heart, circle, square, triangle etc, he can even say "pentagon" which I just taught him a few times as I never thought that he would have picked it up. I'm learning a lot from him, on how a little person grow and learn to know this world day by day.

(These photos were taken back in Nov 11th. Didn't have time to write about them last month).


Anonymous said...

So very sweet! Watching my daughter grow up (she's almost five now) was fascinating. Every day seems like a small miracle as she learns new things and shows off new acquired skills.

Wish you a lot of fun and joy together. :-)

Anonymous said...

Beelee, here's wishing you Happy Holidays and a wonderous New Year of health, happiness and success!

BeeLee said...

Hello Shantanu,

Thanks for visiting and the comment :-)

Tat Oon said...

You owe us visit with Tristan around! He's growing so fast...Reading your blog, we are missing quite a lot here

Hope you enjoyed your christmas. Have a blast for the new year!

BeeLee said...

Haha Tat Oon, thanks for visiting :-) We shall meet in Chinese New Year then :-) Happy New Year :-)