Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you like sunset ?

It's been raining in the past months and we couldn't go for swimming nor visit the park. It's been really depress at times when we were bound to stay in the house, although Tristan loves to watch his DVD - Barney, Oswald and DVD of chidren Songs, but I don't feel good letting him watch TV if there's a chance we could bring him to do some outdoor activities.

Finally there's some sunny days, and I was so happy to see the sunset, here's a video of a sunset view near my house. I hope you like it :-)

There's a road named Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, USA, I thought it's such a romantic name. It's a famous street that passes through many areas including the Hollywood, Beverly Hills etc ;o) Here's the link if you are insterested - Sunset Boulevard.


Dawen said...

I don't get to see grogeous sunset, but sunrise, as my apartment is facing east. I don't get nice landscape like what you get, as high rise buildings are all over!

BeeLee said...

I don't get to see sunrise from here :( Actually it's much harder to see sunrise, not only need to be at the right spot, we need to wake up early to catch it too ;o) I think I only managed to see a few sunrise in my whole life !!!

Soon there'll be some houses built to add to this landscape ... lucky thing is they are not high rise buildings :-)