Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Have you seen such a lazy dog before ?

Peanut, our Golden Retriever, is going to be 3 years old in May. He's an extremely lazy dog as compared to Winter, our German Shepherd dog. For example, whenever there's a noise somewhere, Winter will rush and check out what is that and will start barking at strangers or cats near by. But Peanut will ignore most of those unless the stranger is standing right outside our gate, which appear to be a good thing to us as we won't need to pay attention to every single bark of Winter.

Then there's this weird habit of his, that he would walk to the water container, sit down and start drinking there, normally dogs will stand and drink their water, that's what Winter does, but Peanut will sit there and drink and then just stay there comfortably LoL

Below is a video of him doing that, too bad I didn't manage to catch the part he walked over to the water container, but I guess this will give you an idea of how lazy he is ;o)


dawen said...

Peanuts! We used to love reading the comic. Nice to have a dog with the name of Peanuts! Very funny way of drinking water.

BeeLee said...

Hey Dawen, yeah .. the good old Peanuts :-) But my dog's name is without the s, it's Peanut :-)