Thursday, May 8, 2008

The bath book

We got this bath book from the Borders last year, whenever Tristan refuse to take bath, I will bring this book to the bathroom to attract him into the bathroom.

So far it has never failed its mission, because we keep it away from him from time to time, so that he won't feel bored with it eventually.

It's made of water prove material and has colorful tokens with alphabet on one side and pictures on the other side.

These tokens float in the water, it's fun to play with them during bath time. Tristan loves to dig them out one by one and toss them around the house.

So the end result is a missing "S" :(

It's for ages 3 and above, but the tokens are quite big, the diameter is closed to 5cm so we just introduce it to Tristan because he loves colors and alphabets. How do you like this bath book ?


Dawen said...

IF I had a bathtub, IF there's no one else in the room, I don't mind playing with the bath book. However, the graphic will have to be much much less kiddie than this...haha

BeeLee said...

haha .. if I happen to bump into such a bath book for adult, will get one for you ;o)