Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Arno River and its bridges

Arno River is located in central Italy. It passes through some popular places such as Florence and Pisa. It flows from the central towards the west into the Ligurian Sea. This river look so clam and pieceful, but it has flooding record in history and the last one was at 1966, where it took only 24 hours of rainfall to reach 190 millimetres in Florence. There are new dams built to alleviate this problem now. We were at Florence and we could see 2 of its bridges, Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte Vecchio.

The buildings located next to the river. There's a street and walkway between them where we can walk along to admire its beauty.

There are many places of attractions near this river such as the Palazzo Vecchio, Galleria degli Uffizi, Piazza della Signoria etc.

This is Ponte Santa Trinita.

Ponte Vecchio. There are shops built along it, mostly jewelery shops. It was swept away by flood twice (1117 and 1333) and was rebuilt in 1345.


Anonymous said...

This brought back my memories. But the funny thing is that I could not recall I remembered this river in Pisa.

Hope to see more postings. Keep up.


BeeLee said...

Hey Kathy, nice to see you here :-) I didn't get to see this river in Pisa either, it's situated on the left side of city of Pisa, we just managed to visit the Pisa Tower but not the entire city of Pisa, we only had less than half a day time to travel to Pisa from Florence.