Monday, June 2, 2008

The bath room toys

Ever since I blogged about "The bath book", Tristan is no longer interested in it anymore :(

Baby/toddler changes from time to time, in terms of their look, behavior and preferences.

He used to love taking bath, I didn't even need to ask him to do it. Everyday after work in the late afternoon, I would take a shower for myself, then prepare the water to take bath for him, he could identify the noise of water running, and would start climbing up the stairs, saying "bath" at the same time.

Now, it's a total change, when I carry him into the bathroom, he would cry out loud and refuse to get in, and most of the time, exhausted and sweat heavily.

So I bought these plastic animals, introduced a few of them day by day, and it works for only a few days, it's getting me headache to send him into the bathroom pleasantly. (The shrimp, starfish and sun were beach toys that I used for the same purpose but he had lost interest to them now too).


Tat Oon said...

To sounds like marketing. The market is dynamic, the same strategy cannot be used forever. Think, anticipate and formulate...Haha

BeeLee said...

That's your area of expertise, so you relate it well :) And I agree with you, it's a challenging job to raise a kid, but it's still fun at this stage :-)