Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tristan at 10 months

Ok, finally has some time to write about Tristan ... We managed to bring him for hair cut today, it was a disaster, after we went in to the shop for a while, his eye became red, seems like he can recall what happened to him last time, I sure hope this is not true because I won't want him to have resistance the next time we go there. Anyway, we always ended up with a short but "only ok"so called hairstyle, and just like the previous time, the grandpa & grandma both commented that it should be shorter etc.

Tristan learned to clap hands (without sound, left hand is closed and right hand open), when he's happy, such as hearing a nice baby song, or enjoying his food. He also has some little tricks that he invented, such as rubbing the back of his hand against his mouth left -> right -> left -> right over and over again with a "ba-ba-ba" sound, so whenever we want him to do this we would do it first with the "ba-ba-ba" and he will follow suit if he's in good mood.

He can crawl fast now, he used to refuse crawling, but I guess it was because we limit him to his little corner only, we prohibited him from crawling to the carpet, the area he's most interested, when we set him free later on, he started to crawl to every corner in the house now.

He also able to stand up with support, and has managed to climb up stairs. Whatever comes his way would go into his mouth, just like any other babies.

One thing that gives me headache is he's going to bed very late now, it's between 10.30pm - 11.15pm, he's tired but just keep going and going, refuse to be rock, just keep playing until he's exhausted, like an energizer bunny.

That's all from me about baby, it's time for me to go to bed, good night everyone :)


jojo - A Working Mom said...

You forgot to tell us how many teeth Tristan having now!!! ;->

Bee said...

SF, he's still toothless .. I get worries sometimes .. but everyone says it's better to be slow because the tooth decay will come later.

i.f said...

wonder how will he looks like when he has more teeth.. but will sure miss his toothless day then :)