Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Port Dickson

Brought Tristan to Port Dickson during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday, I was hoping that he would have a great time playing with the sand there.

The beach was dirty and I didn't really want him to get down there, but it was too late, he just rush himself down and start walking towards the water :(

Next thing I know, he already started digging the sand using his hand ... So I had to provide him with the tools we brought along.

He really enjoyed himself playing with the sand, but the sun is getting too strong that we had to bring him away, which ended up with a cry ...

At one stage he used to pull the sunglass away, luckily he's accepting it now, at least his eyes are protected against the sun.

He loves playing in the water, normally it's not easy to get him out of the pool.

Took a few photos before we left the Legend's chalet.

Tristan is almost 16 months now, he loves to imitate adults languages and actions, I like to hear him talk continuously in his own language, sometimes sounds like Vietnamese, and other times like Hokkien.


Bee Ean said...

having great family time, eh? So cool.

BeeLee said...

Hi Bee Ean, was exhausted too, because Tristan refused to walk most of the time and only wants me to carry him, my hips and legs are very tired after the trip, it's quite an experience to go through this type of "family outing" :-)

Tat Oon said...

Port Dickson is not ideal for Tristan to play with sands. Sepang Gold Coast maybe a better destination that is not much further distance wise.

I remember you wrote on Singapore's East Coast park. Can't help noticing the big contrast!

Shantanu said...

Lovely pics! He seems to be having a lot of fun. Port Dickson is in Malaysia, right?

BeeLee said...

Hey TatOon, will check out Sepang Gold Coast, thanks :-)

Hello Shantanu, thanks :-) Yes, he's having fun there as he's not aware of the quality of the sand. You are right, Port Dickson is in Malaysia, there's a link in this post to Wiki that you can check out its detail if you are interested :-)