Friday, October 12, 2007


Sedona resides in the northern region of U.S. state of Arizona. It's not far from Grand Canyon, so we went there on our way back from Grand Canyon. Sedona is famous for its amazing red sandstone formations, which is refered to as the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Some red rocks there resembles things like Snoopy (when he lies on his back on top of his dog house), another Peanut comic character Lucy, courthouse, coffeepot, devil's kitchen etc. But we didn't manage to see all of them.

We did see something like Snoopy but the front leg were missing :( See the bottom left of the picture below :

You can see a drawing of the Snoopy red rock that's published by the Sedona City's Website here.

We stayed over for a night, and went ahead to the the Red Rock State Park the next morning.

We didn't follow the guided nature walk, instead we just did a free and easy nature walk.

It was all quiet, we were the only 2 human being in the wild.

Some people go to Sedona for spiritual pursuits and others are there for hiking and mountain biking. For me, I think it will be more fun to go hiking there with a group of friends.


Shantanu said...

Excellent pics! Rocks, deserts and arid landscapes can be so beautiful too. While I normally enjoy lush green forests and jungles when I have a choice, it seems like I need to visit some of these places too the next time.

BeeLee said...

Hello Shantanu, thanks for the comment :-) Yeah, it's a totally different world than most others, you should give it a try :-)


Hello there,

I fully agree with Shantanu. Excellent pics !

When are you coming down to India ?

BeeLee said...

Hello Harekrishnaji, thanks for the comment :-) My boss had talked about a business trip there sometime ago but the plan was canceled due to latest business decision, if the decision changes in the near future, it's possible that I will pay India a visit :-)

backpakker said...

great pics..would love to lose myself in the rocky terrain

BeeLee said...

Hello Backpakker, thanks for the comment :-)

keeyit said...

Ohh.. unique places..

Bee Ean said...

I loved this place. Was there in 2001 during Thanksgiving holiday.

BeeLee said...

Hello Keeyit, yes, it's a special place, red sandstones are not commonly seen :-)

Hi Bee Ean, I bet you have also taken nice photos from your trip :-)