Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Annual Vaccine for Peanut & Winter

Sunday, May 27th, the vets came over to our house to give Winter & Peanut the annual vaccine, it's called 9 in 1, costs RM150 for each dog, so it's a total of RM300.

He also gave them 3 de-worming tablets, but Winter refused to take them this time, we tried so hard and finally put them on his throat, but he spit out 2, and chewing the only 1 left in there, so we had to mix the 2 tablets in his dinner (beef rice).

We need to get them on heartworm vaccine today, another RM200 for both dogs.

These are exclusive of the licenses & the "mad dog vaccine".


JennyHow said...

haha, very cute, yr dog spit out the other tablet. i guess he don't like medicine pills, me too :(

Bee said...

Yup, I'm sure he hates the pills. The vet said he's getting smarter now :)

So how do you convince youself to take medicine leh ?

Tat Oon said...

i like your dogs...it's pleasing to just look at their photos

Bee said...

Thanks :) Good to know this. I'll post more photos when I have a change to take new ones.

i.f said...

ya agreed, feel gd by just looking at their photos!! :)

Bee said...

i.f, you are welcomed to see them here whenever you feel like to :)