Thursday, May 31, 2007

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

In Big Island, after the Volcanoes National Park's visit, we came to see this beach where the black sand was created by the volcanic activity.

It was drizzling soon after we arrived, so we quickly took a few pictures and then rush back to the car. There was only 1 lady out there with her jacket covering her head.

In, there was a picture with a sea turtle here, but we were not that lucky :(

It took us only 20 minutes to wrap up the visit here, including going to the wet closet ;o)


JennyHow said...

This remind me of the closest Black Sand Beach affair i had :( in langkawi... but it is as dull as PD. Nothing like the pics you showed.

Hey you are making me drooling me with all the pics. How many more travel tales do you have ah?

Bee said...

errr .. I'm not sure how many more travel tales I have either, but not many lah, I wish I did more travel but was always short of leaves when I worked there, we have only 3 weeks vacation, and I had to use up 2 weeks for visiting M'sia.

i.f said...

hey dun make it stop ok otherwise i won't be visiting ur blog anymore, considered this as a warning, haahaa.. ;) so make sure u travel more ok? ;)