Friday, June 1, 2007

Waikiki Beach

Popular beach in Hawaii, resides in the island of Oahu.

This part of the beach looks like a regular beach in Penang ... In fact the water is not extremely clear, the color of the water is not appealing, and it's too crowded, we came here for the sake of its name, just to see how it look like.

But at sunset, it does look romantic.

There are many restaurants around, where you can have your dinner while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

These coconut trees remind me of my 6-years' childhood in Penang island, Malaysia.


JennyHow said...

the last pic do look like a scene in malaysia. the two pics in the middle are so romantic like you said and they look so postcard quality!!

good shots! what is so famous about waikiki beach then?

Alex Yeo said...

Hi BeeLee,

Thanks for visiting my self-help blog and I am glad you like one of my entries. :)

Oh, the sunset looks really nice from the picture. Good for couple. Haha. Nice photos...

Bee said...

Thanks Jenny :) Waikiki is considered as the center of tourist industry in Hawaii, you will find world-class shopping with high fashion and style, mixed with island history, culture, and wonderful entertainment, it's a fun place to be, only thing to me is that the beach itself is not one of the best.

Hello Alex, nice to see you here & thanks for the comment :)

i.f said...

i agreed that waikiki is a nice place to be as u say, just feel abit too commercialise for my liking.. and the beach quality can't really match the name.

Shantanu said...

Wow, the sunset pic is awesome!

Bee said...

Hi i.f, you would love Hanauma Bay then ;o)

Shantanu, thanks :) I'm looking forward to your August Trip post :)