Monday, June 18, 2007

Shampoo Shield

Tristan refused to lay down on my lap to get his hair wash lately, he insists on sitting position so it was a disaster whenever water flows down his face during hair wash.

Luckily we got this "Shampoo Shield" over the weekend, it's a flexible cap that protects the eyes from shampoo suds.

Tristan refused to put this on for more than a few seconds so I had to use his soft toy as a model.

The hair part is available for shampooing & it really works for me, except that he will pull it away real quick, so I had to wet his hair first, apply shampoo, put this on with lightning speed & rinse off the shampoo at the top part in few seconds.

I'm so glad that such a thing was invented as now he's less agitated during bath time :)


JennyHow said...

haha, this is really cute! makes my day! I like the cute pics too :D

hey, what about the hair at the back of the head? how to wash with the shield?

JennyHow said...

i can't stop laughing when i see the pics of your toy with the shield. too cute and so many different angles.

did you know i come back again n again to see the pics. it really give me a good laugh.

kuanhoong said...

Yeah really cute. Love the explanation and the photo with your teddy bear. :-0

i.f said...

totally agreed, great pix and contents!! it could be helpful to those who facing the same problem too :) tristan is getting naughtier huh ??

Bee said...

Hi nini, glad that you like it :) You can move the cap up & down to wash the back part, it's very flexible, the material is soft & light.

Hey KuanHoong, nice to see you again, & thanks for the lovely comment :)

Good day i.f, yeah he's getting naughtier & sometimes would throw tantrum if he's getting upset :(

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!