Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A hike up Diamond Head, Oahu

One of the popular tourism spot in Oahu, it's a volcanic tuff cone.

Brief history on the name from Wikipedia :
The English name was given by British sailors in the 19th century, who mistook calcite crystals embedded in the rock for diamonds.

I know, I should be standing behind the board ...

The city view when we reached the top.

And the Pacific Ocean.

The sky looked great here, but not in the previous picture, it was too cloudy.

Now that I reached the top, let me relax a bit. Forgot how long it took to get up here, probably half an hour or so.

Did you see the lighthouse here ?
In Half Moon Bay (California), you can stay in its lighthouse and see the whale migrating (if you go at the right season & managed to make a reservation), we didn't get a chance to do it, but I imagine it would be a very unique experience.

Another angle of Waikiki city view.

This is where we started hiking up.

The trail.

Ready to leave.

Wait, the clouds.

Sport shoes should be the correct footwear but my sandal is very comfortable, just need to be cautious.

Looking towards the back of the cone.

On the way down.

You can see the entire shape of the Diamond Head cone here :


Alex Yeo said...

Hi BeeLee,

You seems to travel a lot! So many pictures and looks like you are very happy with those trips! Haha.

You work-at-home right? What kind of work do you do? Can disclose? :)

Bee said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your comment :) I got lucky few years back and had done some travelling, and yup, those are really HAPPY days :)

I'm a technical support engineer :)

JerryLee said...

technical support engineer can travel everyday =.=
so jealous...

Bee said...

Hey Jerry, nice to see you here again :) No lah, those were travel I did back in 2003 - 2004. No more travel now for more than a year, got a baby to take care of ;o)

i.f said...

think everyone likes to travel, even though it's a very expensive hobby.. or at least to me ler ;) so wat's next in ur list??

Bee said...

Hello i.f, no plan yet, should be something near which I can bring my baby when he's able to walk :) said...

Your pics are great! look like you went early in the morning? I am suprised to see there were no any people up there. Usually it is very crowded.

BeeLee said...


Thanks for the comment :-)

We went there in the morning but not too early, probably about 10am or so (can't remember exactly now). We went there in mid September, probably less people at summer end :-)