Saturday, June 23, 2007

Horse Back Riding

Have you tried horse back riding before ? I had a chance to do
that when I was working in the States back in 2002 (can't
believe it's been 5 years !!!).

We went to this place called Spring Down Ranch in the Bay
Area (California), get a private lesson which costs $40 for a
half hour ... (yes, it's USD). That includes rental equipment,
ie. helmet and shoes.

Actually you can choose to wear your own shoes with a heel
(about 1"...not high heels). You need a heel so your foot
doesn't slip through the foot ring.

The horses there are quite friendly and docile. What I learn was
very basic things like how to make a turn, stop, & how to
start moving, but I was quite scared at one point when the
horse refused to move & seemed unhappy.

Anyway it was quite a fun experience overall. What are the fun
thing that you have tried ? Mind to share it with me ?


JennyHow said...

any photos of you riding a horse?

kuanhoong said...

Yeah, how come all photos of the horse.

I want to see the blogger in action. :P

Bee said...

Unfortunately, that photo was missing, may be I was too ugly & I had deleted it way back then ;o)

If I can find the photo one day, will inform you to come & check it out ;o)

kayatan said...

How can you said you are too ugly ? U are so beautiful with your long black hair. I will exchange a million for your silky black long hair leh :)-.
I intent to have 1 or 2 horses when my son is a bit older. Hopefully by then we shall be living on our farm land (50 acres).
One of my gf rear race horse, she and hubby goes to Texas to bring back high breed horse to rear for racer.
My 1st exp. on horse riding was bad :), I was sore all over my body. It looks so nice in the movie when we see people ride, right but when we do it ourselves, aiyo, no easy lah :)

kayatan said...

Typor error, not rear but raise

kayatan said...

I forget that you ask us what are the fun things we have, sorry.
Hmmm... I did a lot of fun things during my younger crazy days :).

I parachuted :), ya, I was young and bold then :).

I took a helipcoter tour on Grand canyon and one on a distinct volcano site @ Hawaii.

I flew in Amsterdam from London just for an Van gough's exhibition.

I drove through the desert on one summer holiday in Aust.

And so forth and forth, reminsicing the fun and crazy things I did in my younger days :):).

Now I am very domesticated :), not so wild :):), but still manage to come up some funs with my cyber sifu bf, ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Bee said...

Wow Jami, you sure live life to the fullest with those exciting things you have done ;o)

We wanted the helicopter tour on Grand canyon & Hawaii's volcano site but they were beyond our budget so we had to give them a pass :(

kayatan said...

Yes BEE, indeed. That is why I am so contented to be a 'mountain tortoise' now :):):). (Hokkien translate).

Bee said...

Heh, if living in Florida means "mountain tortoise" to you, then what is living in this small city "Batu Pahat" means to you then ;o)

Tony said...

Good Job! :)