Friday, June 8, 2007

Bondi Beach

Pronounced "bóndai". Located in Sydney. We went there in early summer, 2004.

The wind was still chilly, I had to look for a cup of hot coffee, but as you can see here, people already enjoying themselves in the beach.

Bondi beach is very popular in Sydney, the crowd is there. Wikipedia mentioned that this is the world's busiest beach.

If you want to try swimming in winter, there's a swimming pool with blocks of ice in winter, it's called Bondi Icebergs, the picture is available at

You may also choose to have a beer here, this is considered one of the best located drinking spot in Sydney, with live band in Jan & Feb.


JennyHow said...

wei, a great many beaches you visited there. this one looks nice. :) hey, thot you said, only one week leaves for holiday, but visited so many places?

so far, which one is your favourite beach among all that you've visited?

Bee said...

Oh, some trip was done after I quit the job, and this one was a business trip (training) ;o)

My favourite is Hanauma Bay in Oahu Island, Hawaii. But can you believe it ? I lost the pictures ............

i.f said...

hey bee, great pics u have here!! have u been to gold coast and great barrier reef? wonder if it's as nice as wat i heard and read.. anyone out there been there before??

Bee said...

Thanks i.f :) Haven't been to the Great Barrier Reef, but would love to go there one day :)