Sunday, June 3, 2007

Waimea Bay, Oahu

Waimea means "Red Water" in Hawaiian, but I was glad that the water isn't red, phew !!!

I'm sure that you would agree with me on how clear the water is, I was going to jump into the water then, but we still have a few more stops to go, so ... I ended up just standing there taking some pictures.

I never get tired of the blue sky & sea.

And I thought this picture is very nice, without me blocking the view.


i.f said...

nice pix!! beautiful beach and sea and cloud .. think malaysia have some quality beach like that too!!! how i miss those places :(

Bee said...

Thanks i.f :) I have been to Redang which is also a very nice beach with great water, and Sipadan is supposed to be better but haven't have a chance to go yet.

i.f said...

yup heard sipadan is realllllly nice!! and it's considered one of the best dive site in the world!! think every diver sud at least goes once if has chance. let's dive!!!