Monday, June 25, 2007

Ground Zero

These are the new towers built to replace the destroyed Twin Towers., but they are not as tall. They were brand new when we visited in 2003.

We could also see the towers from the coast.

I was in California on Sept 11, 2001. I was still in bed at 7.xx am when the disaster happened. I heard the bad news on the radio when driving to work, it was a horrible feeling reaching office where everyone was shocked & sad.

That night, the TV was overwhelmed with this news, the video clip of the plane crashing onto the building was played over & over again on CNN, I felt so depressed & had to switch off the TV.

I never seen the Twin Towers in person. I went to work in the States in Jan 26th 2000, but I didn't take the chance to pay them a visit cos I thought they would be there anytime I feel like going to New York.

Sometimes we take advantage of things that we thought would be there for us forever ... I learn the lesson & now I try to do things that I like & can afford whenever possible instead of keep delaying the plan. Do you have any similar story to share with me ?


kuanhoong said...

Yes, that is why I always appreciate those twin towers in KL. Even though I can see it everyday from my bedroom window, but you'll never know what will happen to it :-)

Bee said...

You are so lucky :) But I thought you are in Nagoya now ?

kuanhoong said...

Yeah I am in Nagoya now.

I meant to say that I can see KLCC from my bedroom window in KL.

JennyHow said...

haha, funny conversation!

yes, bee, after my life-threatening surgeries, i just need to seize the day. just live like it is our last day on earth...

JerryLee said...

guys, i have the same feeling too.
i lost my passport and i was lazy to redo it, although it just take me 30days for new passport..
and just like what had happened to me recently, i was worry about future but hey, u guys really teach me how to live like it is our last day on earth lol.

Cool Insider said...

I think it doesn't just apply to places but also people. If we don't treasure those folks who are dear to us, citing work and other commitments, then the time may come when its too late to make amends.

I think Ground Zero has an important life lesson for all of us.

Shantanu said...

I was visiting the US when this happened. It was unreal.

BTW, I have tagged you on my blog. Hope you play along!

kayatan said...

I just tagged you.! Check it out !

Bee said...

Hey nini, came across something like this sometime ago, can't remember the whole thing :
love like you have never fall in love before,
live like this is the last day of your life.

Dear Jerry:
Live like our last day on earth means the following to me :
Prioritize things that are important in life such as health, family & friends, career, money etc, & enjoy every moment of it :)

Hello Cool Insider :
You are absolutely right :)

Hi Shantanu :
Just like what you said, the difficult part is to figure out who to tag, if I can gather the 8 of them (seems many to me), I'll get started with this meme then :)

NOOOOooooo ..... Jami, will take a look when I get a chance :)

JerryLee said...

bee, it changes my perpectives of looking at "life" and the people/family you love.