Monday, June 11, 2007

On the way to Grand Canyon

In winter, the North Rim of Grand Canyon is closed, but South Rim is open. Spring is a better time since the weather is not too hot, in summer, it can be burning hot there.

After landed at Phoenix Airport, Arizona, you can choose to fly or drive to Grand Canyon. But we were not lucky as the airport in Grand Canyon was closed due to snow.

We had no choice but to drive, and chose to put a night in a hotel on the way there. Guess what we see the next morning ? It's SNOW everywhere, was really surprised, excited & happy :)

So it wasn't a bad thing after all, to visit in winter, you just need to know what's there & what's not and make your choice to get the most out of your trip.


i.f said...

is grand canyon one of the seven wonders? it looks amazing with of without snow i guess, but agreed with u, summer could be too hot to visit!! can feel the heat by just imagining ;)

Bee said...

Hey i.f, according to wikipedia, it's categorized under "Tourist travel wonders" :)