Sunday, June 10, 2007

How to go to bed early ?

If you have problem going to sleep earlier than your normal sleep hour, what can you do ?

Here's how you could achieve your goal :

- Set alarm clock to wake up earlier than normal, eg. 2 hours earlier
- Do not nap during the day no matter how tired you are
- You should be tired enough that night to sleep earlier, don't worry about things that haven't been completed
- Repeat this until your biology clock is tuned to your ideal time to go to bed

If you still have problem, then try the following :

* Do exercise in the morning, or at least 6 hours before bed time
* Take a 3-minutes' warm bath 2-4 hours before going to bed
* Listen to music, read something that keep you relax

Or eat some light food that relaxes muscles, keep you calm or helps induce sleep :
# Banana
# Warm Milk
# Whole Wheat Bread
# Wheat Cereal
# Potato
# Almond
# Turkey

Do come back and share with me your progress :)


JennyHow said...

hehe, is this a follow up for my post on sleeping :p, hehe,

i didn't know taking banana can help sleeping too. thanks for that.

btw, i hate this, my real problem is i can't get off my laptop early. that's the problem. :( any solution? :P

Bee said...

If you wake up at 7am every morning, can you work till 3am every morning too ?

Bee said...

Oh, forgot to mention that this is indeed a follow up of your post ;o) Wanted to inform you about this but was in a hurry this morning. Thanks for dropping by :)

Tat Oon said...

Can't sleep? Have some cold turkey! That sounds funny and I am really suspicious if this works!

Bee said...

Turkey has serotonin, which helps to calm you calm, it's recommended to be taken in the evenning, not right at the minute of failing to fall asleep :)