Thursday, May 17, 2007

USB Happy-Kid Web Cam


Jenny said...

eh, so cute, what's the specs? maybe i want to get one pair for my bf bday... :) or as lucky draw for my blog readers. how much ar?

Jenny said...

wow, i could see your blogs getting better now. it's looking more like a blog now :p with all pictures of your dogs and babies and yourself! Very warm feeling. Yea, twitter is constantly down, so sien!!!

Bee said...

# Image sensor: CMOS sensor 480K
# Resolution: VGA 640 x 480
# Frame Rates: Up to 30fps@320x240, up to 15fps@640x480
# Focus: 30mm to infinity adjustable
# Manual focus
# Auto white balance
# Auto electronic exposure


Thanks for the comment :) But it seems like a blog without visitors ;o)