Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eye Mask

When I was in Singapore for 5-days training back in end of March, 2 colleages of mine introduced this economic & efficient eye mask to me, it's the eye masks from Guardian Singapore, they carry 2 types of eye masks, one is collegen eye mask and the other is a puffy eye mask. They told me that for optimum result & for some severe cases, the best is to use everyday for first 2 weeks, then reduce to 3 times a week, each packet has 4 pairs. So I bought a few packets of collegen eye masks, although I wasn't able to do it every night, I find that the result is quite good, but after I finished those packets, I can't find it locally in Guardian Malaysia, the stuff in Guardian Batu Pahat said "no, we don't carry this product, we are not the same as Guardian Singapore", so I'll have to wait for my next trip to Singapore to get it. If you have been looking for a good eye mask that's value for money and happen to be in Singapore, try out their collegen or puffy eye mask, depending on your needs, and don't forget to share the result with me :)


JennyHow said...

do you have a picture sample of how the mask look like? would like to know, hehe, so that can keep a look out for it, hope they come to malaysia soon!

Bee said...

no .. will take a pic for you next time I go to Singapore :)