Sunday, May 20, 2007


Have you ever had depression before ?
What did you do then ?

For me, I :

- get more sleep as I'm constantly in sleep deprevation
- listen to music
- do yoga
- call home, talk to mom & sisters

I want to go travelling but Tristan still doesn't know how to walk, so it's going to be more burden to bring him around then relaxing, therefore this plan has to be postponed until he has learnt how to walk, unless I'm really desperate.

And of course the answer I would like to hear from you is "NO", but any answer is welcomed, and don't worry, this is not a survey ;o)


devildairy said...

Normally, i watch movie and do gym. Sometime i do yoga also:)

Bee said...

Yeah, I haven't been watching movie for a long time, we used to watch 2 or 3 movies a week when there were many good movies during summer time. Thanks for your comment !! We have tons of DVD that's awaiting us, I'll add "watch DVD" to my "things to do during depression" list :)