Thursday, May 24, 2007

Skiing in Golden Peak, Colorado

First time skiing, was a 3-day trip at Colorado, in 2002, with 3 other friends. The learning part was very hard for me, as I have never learn how to skate in my whole life.

We share a small apartment with only 1 room, rise early in the morning to take a bus to the skii place, then we are on our own. 2 friends who know how to skii went their way to find challenging slopes to practice, leaving me and another friend who's also a beginner behind :(

First day, me and the beginner friend took a crash course, together with a big group of strangers, where only 3 instructors were teaching this whole big group of more than 10 persons, after introduction & briefing, we started to try skiing in an area reserve for beginner taking up courses. After half a day of practicing, some people can ski quite well already, but me & my friend were still falling here & there, got many bruices, this is the next tuffest sport that I have ever tried after diving. The class is over after the half day session, we rest for quite some time before starting to practice again at another area for beginners.

Second day, my friend gave up and stayed in the apartment, I had to practice alone, but it was easier today after getting used to the heavy gear, lifting the skii boots is less of a burden today. My friend then came to visit me as it's really boring staying in the apartment, so I decided to give myself a break and went for site-seeing instead.

The last day, I finally has some improvement where I can ski for quite a bit, was enjoying myself without falling, that feels so great.

But I think I won't go back to ski anymore since I'm no longer fit for strenuous activity, may be a snow-shoe walking would be more suitable to me.


JennyHow said...

haven't even see real snow before :(

Bee said...

Then set a new vacation plan for yourself this winter, go somewhere near (Australia) to see, touch & feel the snow :)

i.f said...

i love snow, but have no chance to really try to ski yet, sigh sigh.. think i will be a good skiier since i'm good in skating ;) yes? no ?

Bee said...

i.f, I think you would pick up skiing real fast since you know skating, but to be good, you need constant practice :)