Friday, August 24, 2007


This is my old post but I'm redoing it to add more pictures. Grindelwald is a well known winter tourism spot in Switzerland, located in the state called Bern, within the disctrict of Interlaken.

We took a train from Interlaken to this place, we found it so quiet but we really enjoy the piece here.

We took a walk here, built a small snow man, took some pictures and playing with the snow.

The snow was so thick, other than the Colorado ones, this is the second time I have seen such a think snow.

The 2 skiers seemed to be looking for the good spot to ski.

No birds chirping, only snow quietly covering the trees.

After a good hour or so, we finally see a car passing by.

Then we met a French couple, a 70-years old businessman and his young girl friend, they were playing with this sledge and offered to lend us while they were having a break, so we did and it was quite fun.

It was so cold out there so we went into a cafe here to have some coffee, met the French couple again and joined them for drinks.

First time seeing heavy snow fall, it was a wonderful experience.

Before leaving, took one last photo at the neighborhood area. The 2 trees at the back looks all white with the snow covering all their branches.

This is the Swiss Hotel that we stayed in Interlaken, cleared from snow. It has internet access for an hourly rate, no breakfast, the price is affordable in winter and is close to the train station.

The small building on the left side behind me is the train station, and that's the station we took the train to Grindelwald, passing through all the snow mountains with great snow view.


•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

woah....i miss winter...i love snow...winter eat ice cream..
sat outside mingle around and enjoy wines..what a heavenly life man!
hm...try whether can get ice kacang or not? :P

kuanhoong said...

Looks like you are very excited to see snow :-)

BeeLee said...

Hello Jo : Yeah, living in this tropical country make us miss snow at times :) Never seen ice kacang in those places :)

Hello KuanHoong : Yes, very excited, because there were only a few times that I could touch and grab the "fresh" snow :)

kayatan said...

Wow, BEE, the snow is really thick :). Must be fun.
We don't have snow in Florida, we have a bit of sprinkle of frost now and then on cold Jan. but very mild.

Shantanu said...

What a coincidence! I am vacationing in Grindelwald with my family in the first week of Sept. From the pics, it seems you were there in winter. Instead of booking a hotel in Interlaken, we decided to book accomodation in a chalet in Grindelwald. We are really looking forward to our trip there!

BeeLee said...

Hello Jamy : At least you have some sprinkle, which is nice because it won't cause any problem to traffic, and you don't need to keep clearing the pathway to your house :)

Hello Shantanu : I heard that the view in summer there is equally impressive as it is in winter, I think it's the summer end there in first week of September ?

J@n!ce said...

Swizterland is one of my dream country. Those white scene just makes me so envy of you. How come you can keep traveling huh? So shiok !! :)

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BeeLee said...

Hi Janice : This was my trip in 2004, I haven't been going to any trip for more than a year now, so don't anvy me lah ;o)