Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tristan at 14 months

Tristan has 4.5 teeth now, his teeth seem to take forever to grow, but some said it's a good thing because the tooth decay will come later.

He's still in crawling state now, although he can walk with support, but he seems to be timid to take the challenge of his first few steps, he would stop after his first step.

He can say some words now such as bear, bird (he read it as burp), clock (read as cog) etc, he would pick up our cellphones or any remote control devices and say "hello", today he even act like talking to someone over the other side of the line. And oh, he can also say a malay word "apa" but doesn't say any Mandarin words although my parent-in-law speaks Mandarin LoL

He loves to play inside the car, switching on all the buttons, turning up the volumes, playing with the steering, and would refuse to come out of the car.

He likes to hit people's hand (oh no no no, he's not picking this up from me). He loves our dogs and would crawl freely in the front part of our house with the 2 big dogs trying to lick him, he doesn't like to be lick so he would use both of his hands to protect his face when they come near him, like a kongfu baby, that was quite funny.

He loves bunny's DVDs, we would play those for him when we feed him porridge. He will move his body to the left and then to the right repeatedly whenever he hears music or song, he even does that when he's in crawling position, but he has very little interest on the xylophone I bought for him.

He has only 3-second span on most of the toys, but he would spend more than 15 minutes repeating the action of plugging and unplugging an ear piece to my old walkman.

He started making dreams nowadays. He said a single word twice during his sleeps, and once he was waving both of his hands like what he used to do at day time when refuse to be carried away from me, and he laughed this morning in his sleep.


38kia said...

wow.. started to dream, it's good! Hope he could never have a nightmare :)

Jenny How said...

hahah, very cute last sentence, he laughed this morning in the sleep... i wonder if he inherited that from you :P

J@n!ce said...

I see that Tristan is progressing very well... GOOD JOB!! :)

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BeeLee said...

Thanks Jerry :) He would sure be happy to know this nice uncle ;o)

Hehe .. Jenny, you are right, I used to laugh in my dream :)

Hello Janice, thanks :)

kayatan said...

He is so cute :):).
They grow so fast. Before I know, my 4 years old is talking like he is my father.
Sometimes when I watch my friends babies and young young toddler, I asked myself,I forget how JJ was when he was that young :):).
Cherish the time when they are the cutest times, like now :):).

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

ur baby boy is so kawaii!!
enjoy the process to see your baby is growing up!

JennyHow said...

i think he dreamt you want to carry him away that's why he waved his hand in sleep.

BeeLee said...

Haha Jamy, your son seems very matured :) Thanks for the reminder, I'm treasuring the precious moment with him :)

Thanks Jo :) Will continue to share his progress from time to time now :)

Jenny, he's waving in disapprove form, not the welcome wave :) Sorry I didn't put it quite right there.