Monday, August 20, 2007

Sleepless in Seatlte ?

Have you seen this movie called "Sleepless in Seattle" ? That was the first time I heard about this city, which is located in Washington State of America. It's also the place where the first Starbucks Coffee was opened, and the home to the world's richest man - Bill Gates.

This is the Space Needle, a tower which is the major landmark and a symbol of Seattle. It was built for the 1962 World's Fair, stood at 605 feet (184 m), with 60 stories.

With a ticket, you can get to the observation deck to see the Downtown Seattle skyline and many mountains such as Mount Rainier. It also has a SkyCity Restaurant and a gift shop.

The city view.

A big metal statue outside of the Art Museum.

The entrance of the Art Museum.

We don't have much time for the museum, just took a few pictures & left.

The Pike Place Market, where fresh food, flowers, antiques, fruits etc are sold here. The first Starbucks Coffee shop is near by, and there's an Italian Bakery Shop that serves excellent coffee and bakery's that's irresistible.

The downtown area. There's almost at least 1 coffee shop within a few blocks of shops here, and I remember finding at least 1 Starbuck coffee shop in every streets. Other than the first Starbucks coffee, we also tried the Seattle's Best Coffee, Tully's etc, I ended up drinking 5 to 6 coffees a day, partly also due to the cold weather. Personally I love Tully's the most and wish that I would have the chance to try it again.


JennyHow said...

interesting! i didn't know the first starbucks coffee is opened there.

Jo said...

i love coffee...
phew! bside starbucks coffee, u shud try Illy coffee..taste good!

38kia said...

wahh i like the statue in front of the museum !!

BeeLee said...

Hi Jenny : It's small, not like those type with tables putting outside :)

Hey Jo : Can't tell what coffee you typed in, "Illy" ? Where can I find it ? KL ? PJ ?

Hello Jerry : It's very tall and special :)

38kia said...

mmmm.. must be busy on eBay again hehe !!

BeeLee said...

Jerry so smart ;o)

Blur Mommy said...

Yep, most pp here likes Tully's too. :) I love wandering around in Pike Place. So many interesting things to do & eat!! :p