Sunday, August 5, 2007

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is the westernmost Canadian provice which is located south to the Vancouver Island. The statistics from Wikipedia showed that it's capable of drawing 3.65 million visitors a year which have contributed to more than one billion dollars into the local economy.

British Columbia Parliament Building

There are many tourism attraction and landmark such as the Empress Hotel, the Royal British Columbia Museum, Christ Church Cathedral, Chinatown, Victoria Butterfly Garden, Pacific Undersea Gardens etc. (I'll share the Cathedral photos in my next post because this post is getting too long)

The city is so quiet that I wasn't aware it has hosted several sports events such as the 1994 Commonwealth Games, 2006 Skate Canada etc.

It's a place for retiree, probably that's why it's so pieceful there. And I found this in Wiki : An historically popular cliché about Victoria is that it is for "the newly wed and nearly dead!" ... But I went there alone LoL

The Empress Hotel

The 150-foot vessel to get to the Pacific Undersea Gardens

the Royal British Columbia Museum & the IMAX theatre

Wawadit'la, also known as Mungo Martin House


What do you think about this map ?

In downtown, there are many small art galleries, and there are many English Tea Cafe that serves delicious cakes, desert that I had to make a stop for them. There was one that I went in even sells many exquisite teapot, cups, tea leaves etc.

There are many other tourism attraction in this place such as the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Pacific Undersea Garden that I haven't been able to visit. If you happen to visit these places, don't forget to share your story with me ya :)


JennyHow said...

hey, didn't know you went Canada too. Wow, great travel journeys!

kuanhoong said...

Haha, nice way of describing the place.. for "newly wed and nearly dead".

BeeLee said...

Hi Jenny :
Actually I went there to change my immigration status from H1B to visitor, because when I quit my job, my H1B status became invalid and I had to be out of the country or become an illegal immigrant.

Hi KuanHoong :
I thought it's funny too :)

Anonymous said...

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kegler747 said...

hello fellow travel blogger! I enjoyed reading several of your posts. I invite you to also check-out my blog.

Chee Khoon said...

Hey BL, what a gorgeous trips and dazzling pictures you have there. So envy about your stunning adventures (LOL... as I can't seems to have that kind of trips)! You're truely an expert traveller that remember me of a channel in Astro call "The Traveller". Eh... Can try out for a have my courage to start shotting videos on your trips!
Btw, I really enjoy your blog and updates and delightful to know that some of our classmates still in touch with you especially tat onn. Surprisingly you still remember his BDay Wow! anyway, I'll keeps in touch whenever I can ok! Class Monitor! Chau!
Chee Khoon

BeeLee said...

Hello Adam & kegler747 :
Thanks for dropping by :)

Dear Chee Khoon :
Am so glad to see you here :) Thanks for the nice comment :) No lah, I'm not even an amateur, just happened to be able to travel to several places while I was working in the States. Alamak, I already forgot about being the "Class Monitor" ... Thanks for the reminder :)

Jesieblogjourney said...

Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures! I have not been to those places. I have travelled quite a bit but I did not take enough pictures to share. I have some on my travel blog - Come for a visit and enjoy.

BeeLee said...

Hi Jesie :
Thanks for dropping by & thanks for the comment :) Do come back to check out more travel posts here :)