Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank you, my dear readers

I had been busy lately with eBay, trying to sell unused items in my closet. I managed to sell off my second item, a knee-length skirt, and got 2 positive feedback from my first 2 buyers, I was so thrilled but then Tristan had a fever and I was so worried about it, I took off work earlier to take care of him in the past 4 days and thankfully he was fully recovered yesterday.

I want to take this oportunity to thank all my dear readers who has paid my blog visits from time to time and spent time to give me great comments (some of you send your comments to me in emails) :

1. Jenny How at eBay Tips Blog
2. Kuan Hoong at Kuanhoong dot com
3. Kathy
4. Tat Oon
5. Jamy at her Kopitiam
6. Jerry Lee at 38 blog
7. Emila Yusof and her Illustration
8. Shantanu Ghosh and his Travel Tales
9. Bee Ean at her France Blog
10. Jo and her Vee Vee Waa Waa Blog
11. Walter Lim with his Cooler Insights Blog
12. Janice Ng and her Miracle Blog
13. Random Thots of a Blur Mommy
14. Sook Fang
15. Yoke Ping
16. Ben
17. Tuyen
18. Elaine
19. Chee Koon


kayatan said...

Thank you Bee for linking me !
Thank you for taking your time to my blog and made comment !

Emila Yusof said...

HI Bee Lee! Glad to hear Tristan is okay now. Congrats on your first ebay sale!

BeeLee said...

Hello Jamy, you are welcomed :)
Hello Emila, thank you :)

Jo said...

hope tristan always in pink of health!

38kia said...

Oh no wonder so long never update your blog, thought you going somewhere travel again.

Sorry to hear that cute tristan was sick, hope he's fine now.
Dont worry about your eBay lah, i can help u sell some :P

kuanhoong said...

Hi Bee Lee,
I just came back from my Mount Fuji hiking trip and taken some nice sunrise photos.

Thanks for the mention. Love reading your blog too.

I am hoping Tristan will be recovered soon and good luck to your new eBay business.

BeeLee said...

Hello Jo : Thanks :) You are such a nice girl :)

Hello Jerry : Thanks for dropping by cos you seem very busy with work & your blog & your paktoh :)

Hello KuanHoong : Tristan is fine now, thanks :) My eBay business is not real business actually, still selling my own clothes & it's quiet so far. Looking forward to your Mt.Fuji post :)

Shantanu said...

Hey, thanks Bee! And I am glad to know Tristan is now well.

Shantanu said...

BTW, I have returned the favor and linked you from my sidebar (Travel & Living). Also, your link to my blog has a typo (it should be :)

JennyHow said...

Thank you for thanking me too :P

38kia said...

haha jenny so sampat..
thank you for thanking me too :P

BeeLee said...

Hello Shantanu : Thanks for the link & I have corrected your link :) Apologize for being so careless.

Jenny : LoL

Hmmm ... Jerry, haven't found unused clothes in your closet yet ?

J@n!ce said...

congrates to your successful sale at ebay. I've not tried selling anything via ebay but sold at yahoo auction. I can feel the joy for you cos I was once so happy after selling something.
Glad to hear that Tristan is better now.
Btw, realized that the link to my blog is wrong leh.
Should be


Thank you for the link :)

BeeLee said...

Hi Janice : Link corrected, my apology :) I must be too tired ...

Bee said...

Hi Bee Lee,

Thanks for the mentioning. Hope Tristan is doing well. So are you going back to your mother's place for merdeka day?

Blur Mommy said...

Thanks for the mention! I hope Tristan's all better now!

BeeLee said...

Hi Bee : Thanks, Tristan is all well now :) I'm not going to my mom's place as I had to go attend a training in KL on the 29th.

Hi Blur Mommy : Yes, Tristan is doing well now, thanks :)