Thursday, August 2, 2007

First eBay earning !!

I mentioned in My First eBay Adventure post that I had a blouse listed and that someone had placed a bid on it, so what happen to it ?

I considered myself lucky as I have received the payment from buyer on Tuesday night. So I went ahead and sent out the blouse yesterday morning, not sure if she will receive it today, I do hope that she will receive the blouse today and that she's satisfied with the quality.

The reason for her delay payment was because I have only 2 bank accounts and she doesn't have account on either of these banks, so I offered a RM2 discount for the wire transfer fee and she made the payment immediately. I guess when it comes to selling, if we can offer a little more to the buyer, they will be happy to get what we are offering, do you agree with me and do you have a similar story to share with me ?


kayatan said...

Congrats !

JennyHow said...

waaa, very good service wor, glad you didn't mind the discounts ;) if she's willing to pay immediately and keep in touch with you, i think she's a good buyer. keep us posted!

BeeLee said...

Thanks Jamy :) Have a great evening :)

Hello sifu Jenny :
I want to get good feedback, besides, the blouse is just sitting there doing nothing :)

Shantanu said...

Hi Bee, why don't you create a Technorati account for you blog? That way it will be easier to favorite you and track your posts.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! - Kathy.

BeeLee said...

Hello Shantanu, I have created the Technocrati account, you can track my posts now :)

Thanks Kathy :) Wrote this post because you requested that I update my progress :)

kuanhoong said...


So what is next?

Jo said...

wOot!! wow
great to hear tat u made it woh..ur first eBay business transaction ..:)
keep it up!

BeeLee said...

Thanks KuanHoong :)
Next step huh, before I found something that I can sell in long term, will continue to sell unused clothes in my closet till they are clear :)

Thanks Jo :
When the first item sells, it's a motivation for me to keep selling :)

J@n!ce said...

I think it is better to earn slightly lesser & earn the trust from a good buyer. You have done the right move. Good job & good luck to you :)

BeeLee said...

Thanks Janice :) Why did you choose yahoo auction as oppose to eBay ? Just curious :)